Today we’re going to explore the exciting world of parenting with renowned expert: Tina Payne Bryson. In this episode entitled “No drama discipline”, Tina will revolutionize your approach to discipline, showing you how to support your children with kindness and emotional intelligence. Instead of punishments and conflicts, she will show you how to create a strong emotional bond while establishing clear boundaries.

Tina Payne Bryson is a leading figure in the field of education and child psychology. After completing her doctorate, focused on educational theory and attachment science, Tina partnered with Dr. Daniel Siegel on various books, including the one that leads to this episode “No drama discipline” .

We will delve into child psychology, understand how their brain works, and discover strategies for managing difficult behaviors effectively. Tina will offer us concrete examples, from managing screen time to thinking about logical and natural consequences, all based on neuroscience and psychotherapy. So, are you ready to turn discipline into a drama-free learning experience? Stay with us, because this exchange may well change your vision of parenting.

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Thank you to Doctor Bryson for her time and trust!

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